Sandra Barnard

A true spiritual teacher will always direct us to turn inside, and will always lead us back to ourselves—to the awareness of our essential nature as Love and Light.

After an extended spiritual quest in her twenties and thirties, Sandra set up a healing school where students have been helped to initiate profound, positive transformation in their lives. For more than two decades, she has continued to oversee the evolution of the healing school into a flourishing community, the nonprofit Full Spectrum Center. Sandra’s attuned and insightful interactions with students demonstrate how it is possible to live a more spiritually awakened life with faith, a joyful heart, and generosity of spirit. Those who spend time with her find they are met with compassion and sensitivity—as individuals who deeply matter.


Ultimately, it is our faith that sets the stage—faith in the great mystery, faith in our own essential being; it is our deepest longing and intent that connects us to Light and that draws to us the power of grace.