Sandra Barnard

After an extended spiritual quest in her twenties and thirties, Sandra set up a healing school in the early 1990s, where students have been helped to initiate profound, positive transformation and healing in their lives. For nearly-thirty years, she has continued to oversee the evolution of the healing school into a flourishing community, the nonprofit Full Spectrum Center. Sandra’s attuned and insightful interactions with students demonstrate how it is possible to live a more spiritually awakened life with faith, a joyful heart, and generosity of spirit. Those who spend time with her find they are met with compassion and sensitivity—as individuals who deeply matter.

As Sandra guides students with her insight, clarity, humor, depth, as well as with genuine respect for everyone present, they find that their unwanted, limiting emotional patterns and old core beliefs that no longer serve them can radically shift. They begin to gain a fresh, new perspective and a deeper awareness. And in a remarkably short amount of time, they begin to uncover greater self-understanding, openness, compassion, forgiveness, and hope.