All programs offered through the Full Spectrum Center serve as a counterpoint to the ever-persistent tug and pull of the world. They call us back to what is most central, profound, and meaningful in life.


The Full Spectrum Center Holiday Program

Each December the Center offers the always Light-filled annual Holiday Program and fundraiser for a local charity. It is not only intended to celebrate and honor that which is universal and sacred in a variety of spiritual traditions, but also it is a time when friends, family, and the greater community can spend a few enrichening hours together and experience the joy, depth, light-heartedness, and high energy that is always a part of any event at the Full Spectrum Center.

The evening includes an inspiring program and other festivities that invoke this special time of year. After the program, everyone is invited to mingle and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

In the spirit of giving, this program is free of charge; however, through the generous donations of those who attend this program, money is raised for a local charity.