Living Transformation Course

It is amazing how quickly we can shift, how easily we can feel so expanded, joyous, and at peace just by being held appreciatively and compassionately in a space of powerful healing energy and positive intent.

The Living Transformation Course offers an in-depth—one of a kind—exploration into the causes of our human pain and suffering as well as provides useful and nuanced ways of breaking free from our distortions, addictions, and the other ways that we get stuck in our life.

By experimenting with a variety of strategies to enter into our visceral (sensing-feeling) awareness, students learn how to work with—and how not to close off from—their sensitivity. They learn ways to develop their subtle faculties of insight, discernment, intuition, and the ability to receive communications, guidance, and inspiration from a source beyond us, whether this source is understood to be the Greater Self; an inner Presence; Pure Awareness; our Divine Essence; the Light; the Christ Consciousness; our Buddha Nature; our helpers and guides in the astral; or simply, God.

Light is not a metaphor. It is the enlightening and enlivening force that underlies all creation. We can learn to perceive it, call it, embody it, and direct it. Our evolving relationship with Light can positively influence our health, our work, our relationships, and every other aspect of our life. Through it, we can become a true healer in this world.

Above all, students are helped to walk their uniquely-individual path on earth—as they continue to pursue the truth that lives in the heart—with increasing authenticity, openness, and depth.

Current students of the Living Transformation Course have discovered that each year their experience has exponentially deepened. They are finding both practical and meaningful ways to live in a world that is increasingly more complex, challenging, and uncertain. In fact, the one thing that students repeatedly say about the course is this: it is indispensable to their life.

You Find Yourself

You find yourself in deep relationship with others. You find yourself in the visceral sensations and feeling in the body. You find yourself in the breath and in your own fluid movement. You find yourself in the potency and vibrancy of the life force—and in the dynamic matrices of the human energy field that animate your being and vibrate within you. You find yourself when you pay attention to all that is blocking the natural aliveness, joy, and pleasure that is at the source of who you really are. You find yourself when you learn to turn within, when you quiet the mind, when you risk opening your heart, and when you remember your true essence, which is Love.

A Rare Opportunity

The Living Transformation Course, closed to new students since 2016, is once again opening its doors to those who would like to enroll. If you have been thinking about enrolling in a course at the Center, this upcoming year is an opportunity for you to do that. Please note that the Living Transformation Course will be closed after the first weekend in September, and there are no plans, at this time, to re-open it again to new students.

Course Prerequisite

A prerequisite for joining the 2018 – 2019 Living Transformation Course is attending one of the free Informal Gatherings (you can attend one or both). This is a requirement, whether you are a former student or are new to the Full Spectrum Center. You may enroll in the course any time after attending one of the Informal Gatherings, up until the first course weekend in the Fall.

Pre-registration for the 2018 – 2019 Living Transformation Course is required.

Course Dates and Tuition

For the 2018–2019 Living Transformation Course dates, click on schedule. Tuition for the Course year is $2,600; several payment plans are available. You can get more information by contacting the Center [click on contact us], or by calling the Center at 814.337.8399.

Regarding Out-of-Town Students

Note that out-of-town students often share the expense of overnight accommodations with others taking the Course, or they room with students who live locally. A list of motels and bed & breakfasts in the area is available by contacting the Center.

The heart always knows. The trick is to learn how to listen deeply and calmly, and to be able to identify which voice is coming from our spiritually-aligned intuition or deep inner-knowing, and which is intruding from . . . well, someplace else. This level of discerning can be extremely subtle and refined; however, when we contact the deepest part of us, we experience the transpersonal level of our being—the Soul or Spirit. And doing so can have a profound influence in our personal life (in our health, well-being, work-life, relationships, and in finding our unique purpose on earth).

Why Students Come to the Full Spectrum Center

Students who regularly attend the Full Spectrum Center do so, not only to nurture their inner life, but also to spend uplifting time in a spiritually-enrichening, welcoming atmosphere. They come because they find true connection with other students and they enjoy the generosity, open-heartedness, and open-mindedness of the Full Spectrum Center community.

Equally so, students come because they respond to Sandra as a deeply-skilled group facilitator and teacher. They value how she meets them with respect, compassion, light-heartedness, and encouragement, and how she provides clear, practical teachings and always-relevant discussions, exercises, processes, and meditations that invoke the deepest parts of us. Perhaps above all, students appreciate how they are acknowledged as unique individuals who deeply matter.

Those who attend the Full Spectrum Center have reported amazingly positive and life-transforming experiences that have been a catalyst for genuine change. Their experience continues to affirm the universal truths that the great saints and spiritual masters have repeatedly emphasized down through the ages: that our essence is Love; that we are an embodiment of energy and Light; and that as we grow in Awareness, we can learn to sense, feel, intuit, and directly contact the transpersonal or soul level of our being (whether we understand it to be an inner Presence, the Greater Self, our Divine Essence, Spirit, or “Beings”—our spiritual helpers and guides.

Healing is the affirmation of Love’s reality.