Living Transformation Course

It is amazing how quickly we can shift, how easily we can feel so expanded, joyous, and at peace just by being held appreciatively and compassionately in a space of powerful healing energy and positive intent.

LotusontealsquarewebThe Living Transformation Course offers an in-depth—one of a kind—exploration into the causes and means of breaking free from pain and suffering, darkness and contractedness on all levels. Through Sandra’s dynamic and inspiring talks, compassionately guided and attuned partner and group exercises, meditation, breathing practices, and various healing and ceremonial forms, students come to learn that Light is not a metaphor. They also come to know that not only is healing and transformation possible, but that also learning to extend healing, compassion, and Light to others is essential to our own emotional and spiritual growth.

By experimenting with many useful strategies to enter into the visceral (sensing-feeling) awareness of our being, students learn to develop their subtle faculties of discernment and intuitive knowing, as well as are helped to open to divine inspiration that radiates from a source beyond us (whether we connect to this source as the Greater Self, or inner Presence, or pure Awareness, or the Divine Light, or our Christ Consciousness, or our Buddha Nature; or whether we relate to the subtle communications that come to us as sourced from our helpers and guides in the astral). Above all, students are supported to walk their path with firmness, openness, and joy.

Current students of the Living Transformation Course are finding the course indispensable.

You Find Yourself

You find yourself in deep relationship with others. You find yourself in the visceral sensations and feeling in the body. You find yourself in the breath and in your own fluid movement. You find yourself in the potency and vibrancy of the life force—and in the dynamic matrices of the human energy field that animate your being and vibrate within you. You find yourself when you pay attention to all that is blocking the natural aliveness, joy, and pleasure that is at the source of who you really are. You find yourself when you learn to turn within, when you quiet the mind, when you risk opening your heart, and when you remember your true essence, which is Love.

Course Information

The Living Transformation Course is now closed for the 2017–2018 year. For the 2017–2018 Living Transformation Course dates, click on schedule.


Out-of-Town Students

Note that out-of-town students often share the expense of overnight accommodations with others taking the course or room with students who live in the area. A list of motels and bed & breakfasts in the area is available by contacting the Center.


With practice, the profound feelings of love, compassion, and deep connection with others and the Divine will grow and expand in the heart. Then there will be nothing dry or empty about life. To know that inner feeling, to know that inner state of being as our very essence, is to know the truth of who we really are.


What Students Have to Say About the Course

“Sandra’s uniqueness manifests in her ability to create a direct, palpable experience in me of whatever it is that she is teaching—experience that opens up a whole new dimension for me. It is very powerful.”

— Pam Bram, from Pittsburgh PA

“I just love how Sandra holds a deep space for me and for all of us. My heart expands, and I can feel the preciousness of my time at the Full Spectrum Center. Yet, it doesn’t end there. I feel that grounding and connection and love in my daily life.”

— Lori Thompson, from Ontario, Canada