Full Spectrum Center

There is tremendous value in giving time and importance to that which nourishes and empowers our innermost life.

The Full Spectrum Center has been running as a nonprofit since 2010, having organically evolved out of the healing school that Sandra first founded in the mid-1990s. The Center continues to be an environment of healing, self-discovery, and inner-transformation.

Two Complementary Approaches

What makes the Full Spectrum Center distinctive is the bridging of two complementary approaches.

The first approach is based in the understanding that we are embodied Light: that we are comprised of—and operate within—a dynamic field of energy, and that by viscerally exploring how our energy system is uniquely expressing, we can heal or transform the underlying causes of our pain and suffering, our darkness and contractedness—and ultimately both emotionally and spiritually grow.

In No Time

In no time at all, we can become recharged; we can reinvigorate our spiritual practice; we can rekindle our longing and enthusiasm to do all that it takes to flourish in our life; we can be reminded of the subtle truths; we can be inspired and uplifted.

The second approach is rooted in the universal truth, found in both Eastern and Western mystical traditions, that we are ultimately One—and that we are spiritually here on earth to realize our non-dual, essential nature, whether we understand it to be the Greater Self, the inner Presence, pure Awareness, Light, the Divine, the Christ Consciousness, our Buddha Nature, simply God, or we know it by some other name.

The Center’s courses are interactive and group-centered. Through rich, illuminating talks, dynamic partner and group exercises, and various ceremonial and healing forms, students are given sustained time to enter into deep, subtle processes of self-discovery and healing with one another.


The heart of life is relationship: relationship to the body, to others, to the world, and most deeply, to the Divine.