Full Spectrum Center

There is tremendous value in giving time and importance to that which nourishes and empowers our innermost life.

The Full Spectrum Center has been running as a nonprofit since 2010, having organically evolved out of the healing school that Sandra first founded in the early-1990s. The Center continues to be an environment of healing, self-discovery, and inner-transformation.

The Center’s programs and courses are interactive and group-centered. Through rich, illuminating talks, dynamic partner and group exercises, and various ceremonial and healing processes, students are given sustained time to enter into deep, subtle experiences of self-discovery and healing with one another as well as to compassionately hold healing and Light for others and the planet.

The welcoming, uplifting atmosphere that gets created at the Center—relaxed and open, yet well-held and informative; enlivening and inspiring, yet well-grounded and practical—enables students to deepen and accelerate their inner growth as well as to affirm and explore the profound realities of abundance; love without conditions; joy-filled inner-freedom; and profound human connection.