Courses & Programs


A Course in Living Light

The ongoing Course in Living Light includes:

in-depth talks given by Sandra Barnard, the Full Spectrum Center’s beloved teacher in all-things-spiritual;
guided and open meditations;
always-compelling Q & A sessions and sharing;
small group and partner work, and a variety of ceremonial and healing processes that might incorporate movement, breathwork, sounding, chanting, experiences that open the heart, and other practices that draw from a variety of spiritual traditions;
help in learning to navigate our increasing sensitivity that is a natural by-product of living in a time when the energy frequencies that are pouring into the planet are accelerating and intensifying;
working with the energies, presences, or consciousnesses that are coexisting with us in our field of Awareness: whether we perceive them as forces or beings (e.g., our spiritual helpers and guides), or simply as aspects of us;
opportunities—with a dedicated community of long-time seekers—to call our transformative healing energy and Light to us, while also extending compassion and uplifting to others and the planet;
and (quite frankly) participating in those experiences that cannot be reduced to words, but rather must be deeply entered into and felt.

Although no new courses or introductory weekends are being offered at this time, those interested in joining the Course in Living Light can contact the Full Spectrum Center office at 814.337.8399, or email us at

Course Dates

Each weekend begins Saturday at 9:30 AM, and ends around 7:00 PM
(Lunch is provided). Sunday begins at 9:30 AM and ends around 1:30 PM.

2019 – 2020  
September 14–15, 2019 February 8–9, 2020
October 19–20, 2019 April 4–5, 2020
November 16–17, 2019 May 2–3, 2020
December 14–15, 2019 June 6–7, 2020



The Full Spectrum Center Holiday Program

Each December the Center offers the always Light-filled annual Holiday Program and fundraiser for a local charity. It is not only intended to celebrate and honor that which is universal and sacred in a variety of spiritual traditions, but also it is a time when friends, family, and the greater community can spend a few enriching hours together and experience the joy, depth, light-heartedness, and high energy that is always a part of any event at the Full Spectrum Center.

The evening includes an inspiring program and other festivities that invoke this special time of year. After the program, everyone is invited to mingle and enjoy snacks and refreshments.

In the spirit of giving, this program is free of charge; however, through the generous donations of those who attend this program, money is raised for a local charity.

Why Students Come to the Full Spectrum Center

Those who attend the Full Spectrum Center have reported remarkable, positive, and life-transforming experiences that have catalyzed genuine change. Their experience continues to affirm the perennial truths that the saints and spiritual masters have passed down through the ages: that our essence is Love; that we are embodiments of energy and Light; that our life on earth truly matters; and that as we grow in Awareness and Light, we can learn to sense, feel, intuit, and be guided by the depth of our Soul or inner-Presence, and come to know the Divine within.