Welcome to the Full Spectrum Center!

Under the guidance of Sandra Barnard, the Full Spectrum Center offers courses and programs in the art of healing, the exploration of energy and human consciousness, and ways to bring awareness to both our illusions and the truth of who we really are. It provides students with a supportive, dynamic group context and a grounded spirituality through which they can learn how to break free from what keeps us from living compassionately and deeply through the heart.

Why Students Come to the Full Spectrum Center  [Click here]

We are experiencing on earth a major transition, and there are no road maps from here on out. What must guide each of us is our ability to sensitively connect to and discern the truth that resides in the heart. This not only means clearing or transforming our old, limiting patterns that were formed in the past, but  recognizing that within the soul we are the Light, illuminating the darkness.

Love, compassion, gratitude, and true forgiveness—these are not abstract ideals, but rather they are divine forces (or vibrations, or frequencies) that we can palpably sense and feel. They can be radiated out to help heal others and transform the planet. The good news is, we don’t have to wait to be a “saint” to shine this Light. Through an open and expanded heart, it is possible right now.