Welcome to the Full Spectrum Center for Spiritual Awakening!

The Full Spectrum Center’s (newly renamed) Course in Living Light creates a space where students can explore the many shadings of Light—or the various frequencies of energy and consciousness—spanning from the deeply human to the Divine. It provides a dynamic group context, where students can enhance and transform their inner and outer life, while supporting a grounded spirituality and learning about healing on all levels.

Although no new courses or introductory weekends are being offered at this time, those interested in joining the on-going Course in Living Light can contact the Full Spectrum Center office at 814.337.8399, or email us at contact@fullspectrumctr.org.

We are experiencing on earth a major transition, and there are no road maps from here on out. What must guide each of us is our conscious ability to sensitively connect to and discern the deeper truth that resides in the heart. What we ultimately come to realize is that, at the deepest Soul level, we are the Light, illuminating the darkness.